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Not Sure How to Help Your Underdog Athlete Become Physically and Mentally Stronger?

“Our 3 Step System Takes Them from Starter-2-Scholarship

and Creates the Kind of Mental Toughness That Is Unbreakable”

All Without Spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars, Hundreds of Hours of Training and You Feeling Lost on How to Personally Help Them Reach the next Level in Their Performance.
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Discover These Insider Secrets that Help You Avoid the 4 Most Crippling Mistakes that Prevent Your Athlete From:

  • Earn more playing time
  • Avoid career ending injuries
  • Reaching their dream of a college scholarship.

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Going from Starter to a Scholarship?

I've been helping 100's of parents, just like you, to help their young athletes earn more playing time and create the kind of mental resiliency that coaches love to recruit for over 13 years.  In fact, I've helped all kinds of athletes from middle school dreamers to professionals Including those who just need a different voice (other than mom and dads) to coach and inspire them to reach their dreams. 

During these 13yrs I developed my Starter-2-Scholarship GamePlan.  A proven system that walks you through the steps needed, to support your athletes dream to play at the next level.

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Go From a Hard Working STARTER to Scholarship!

Parents, do you need a GAMEPLAN to help your Underdog Athlete go from a really hard worker to someone who's getting noticed by college coaches? 

I have inspired hundreds of Athletes to get Stronger (both mentally and physically). Is your athlete next?



Here are a few of the top ANSWERS I give my clients...

Six Steps to Help your Athlete Snap Out of Slumps Quicker and Become Mentally Unbreakable

Every athlete goes through times where they don’t perform their best. The key to avoid a spiral of negative performances is the right Mindset Coaching. 

Are you in need of a new and different voice to breathe excitement and passion into your child's life? 

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The #1 Mistake Parents Make, that Prevent their Athletes from Earning More Playing Time

Watching your kid sit the bench and not get a chance to play can make you go crazy. 

If you have an UnderDog athlete, who needs those little tips and tricks to get noticed by a coach (AND IMPROVE their abilities) be sure to check this out. 

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The Top Three Tips to Avoid Selecting a Wrong Trainer for Your Athlete

These tips will ensure that the strength training program for a young athlete is not only safe, but worth your financial investment. 

Right? If your athlete loves their sport and really wants to gain a competitive advantage, then you have to read this. 

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"Jeremy understood all the proper mental angles and physical training necessary. He has been one of the greatest influences in Cassidy’s life. Jeremy’s mindset will remain with Cassidy until her career is over in sports, but will carry over for her life. "

Cassidy Williams
Former Professional Athlete

"Jeremy helped Brady gain more than 10lbs of muscle he also helped him become more athletic and increased his vertical over 3 inches. "

Brady Burnett
College Basketball Player

"Thank you, Coach Jeremy, for not allowing me to give up on my dream of playing professional baseball"

Artemis Kadkhodaian
Former Professional Baseball Player

"Coach Jeremy met with my daughter and listened to her goals. He developed a plan to help her physically obtain those goals, but the biggest gift was how he helped her plan MENTALLY to obtain those goals, from visualizing to writing them out and taping them to her mirror. He constantly encouraged her to put in the work and she learned she was able to achieve anything she set her mind out to do, for this I cannot thank him enough."

Claire Wilson

"Coach Jeremy was a strong mentor, trainer and leader for our son. Jeremy helped him develop a mental attitude about wanting to work hard at getting better each day...our son added 12 pounds of muscle while maintaining the mechanics of his swing and has earned a scholarship to play baseball in college. Coach Jeremy is an excellent developer of talent and leadership skills for young athletes."

Noah Preur


Not sure how to quickly help your athlete earn more playing time so they can have more fun and WINS in 9-weeks as they pursue their dream of playing in college?

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