For the past 13 years I have been committed to helping athletes earn more playing time, build more CONFIDENCE and move closer to earning that college scholarship.

You might be thinking 'why did I decide to help these kind of UNDERDOG Athletes?...

To make a long story short, I not only played college basketball, I also coached at my alma-mater. Both in High School and in College I wasn't the most gifted athlete physically, but I was one of the hardest working... and underdog if you will.

Once I got into personal training and began working with elite high school level athletes I noticed that the MENTAL side of training was not only overlooked by most coaches it was, perhaps, just as important in helping an athlete reach their true level of potential.

I started infusing MINDSET work into every workout, then I went deeper and began studying the psychology of championship level athletes and how they practiced something called “Theatre of the Mind”.

During this process, I was able to create my Sideline-2-Starter... and beyond Gameplan. It’s a step-by-step system that helps athletes become both Physically Stronger AND Mentally Tougher. .

What I've found is that most parents try all the usual stuff…sport specific lessons , memberships to big gyms and maybe even coaching them personally to be tougher mentally. 

You see, the reason those things don’t usually work is that while YES an athlete must spend time developing their specific sport, in today’s ultra competitive youth sports world nothing is more important than an athlete who plays with CONFIDENCE and can overcome both poor performances and playing against the higher levels of competition.  PLUS, more often than not, a young athlete just needs a DIFFERENT VOICE - someone other than mom or dad who will not only challenge them but breath life into their life and dreams. 

I’m here to help you be that voice and ensure your athlete has every competitive advantage possible. 

Since developing my unique step-by-step system, I’ve not only helped teams get over the hump and win state championships I’ve also helped athletes overcome tremendous odds, make their varsity teams and reach their dreams of Div 1 scholarships as well as professional contracts. 

If you’re ready to finally see your athlete reach their true potential, then I promise you’ll find my Starter-2-Schoalrship... and beyond, extremely helpful…

You can either get some valuable FREE Insider Secrets to coaching young athletes OR you can claim a FREE Strategy Session call with me to discuss your athletes goals.

Both of these are free options, because it’s my mission to help your athlete get fast and lasting results.

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-Coach Jeremy


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