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Six Steps to Help your Athlete Snap Out of Slumps Quicker and Become Mentally Unbreakable

If you have an athlete that you would like to see become more mentally resilient, where

they're able to snap out of slumps quicker, and compete against the highest levels of competition,  what I'm going to share with you today is going to be a game changer. 

It's something that we have shared with our GTS athletes for over 13 years, helping hundreds of them go from the bench, to starting line up from starting lineup to scholarships, and carry them far beyond into their life endeavors. 

It's called our strong acronym. 


S = show up. 

Nothing good happens. If an athlete doesn't go to practice or workouts and improve their skills? We always teach them that this is simple in principle, but it's not always simple to do. So show up. 


T = Be Tenacious. Don’t be easily pulled apart from your goals. 

We're talking about this in class the other day when one of the kids knew the answer but said  I don't really know what tenacious means. So I said to him a picture it like this, somebody tells you, you can't do something, such as you can’t make varsity, you’ll never earn that scholarship, there’s no way… you just aren’t athletic enough. 

At that moment, GRIT YOUR TEETH  be tenacious, don't ever let somebody tell you, you can't do something, if you're willing to do the work and make necessary sacrifices you can absolutely make it become a reality. 


R = Reach for the stars. 

So what we mean by that is pretty self explanatory, right? It just means set

big goals. If you set little small goals that don't get your heart rate pumping a

little, don't intimidate you, then the goal probably isn’t big enough, or doesn't

mean enough to you. So set big goals, because if we aim at the moon, and you hit a

star along the way, that’s a success. 


O = Overcome Obstacles. 

Things are gonna come up, right, there's going to be exams, they're going to have minor injuries. And we want athletes to understand that you got to figure out a way to work around them, Don't give up...  that leads me to - 


N = Never Give Up. 

There are  absolutely going to be obstacles, they're going to be setbacks, they're going to be times where you have self doubt, and you feel like quitting. We don't ever want to give up on whatever that big goal, that big dream is. 

We may have to course correct or come up with a new strategy but don't ever give up on that big goal and dream. 


G = Good Lead to Great. 

We teach our athletes that it's very, very rare that you're great. But you can show up and focus on being good, not perfect, but good... 1% better... 

And if you continually show up, and are tenacious and work at being good eventually that starts to stack up and leads to something great. 

So if you would like to see your athlete become more resilient and have more confidence, share with them the strong acronym or if you'd like a deeper dive into this 6 step process you can claim a free strategy session with me where we can discuss your athletes goals, and how to create a specific GamePlan for them.  Visit

The window of opportunity that we have with our young athletes is so small, so every week that passes and we aren’t empowering them with more than just, “you need to go work out” I think we're failing them.  

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