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The Top Three ways to Invest $ in your athlete training, to give them that competitive advantage

The top three ways to invest your money to give your athlete a competitive advantage. 

As a parent, it's hard to figure out where you need to invest your money to give your athlete a competitive advantage. 

You're spending money everywhere, the gear that they need for their sport. Getting them on the right travel team, those travel fees and entry fees, you're spending money everywhere. That’s why I want to share with you what I believe to be the top three areas in which you need to invest money to give them that advantage. 


#1 - What is the skill they need to develop for their sport.

If they need to work on their outside shooting, you need to get them with a basketball shot doctor who can help them improve range. If they are a baseball player and they do need to improve their swing get on with the right hitting coach. 


#2 - Invest in their strength program.

No longer today, is it good enough to just work on your sport. In today's crazy competitive youth sports world they need to be stronger, faster and more explosive than ever before. 

That's also going to give them the confidence that they need to play at a new level and against higher levels of competition. 


#3 - Invest in their nutrition.

Help them understand that they need to fuel their body both pre workout, during longer training and games as well as post workout.  This will  help them with recovery. It will also help them in the following days practice or performance. 


So as a parent who’s trying to figure out where do I spend my money? 

*Number one, help them get better specifically in their sport. 

*Number two, help them improve their overall strength, which will lead to more confidence. 

*Number three, help them fuel their body so that every practice every game, they can maximize what they're doing. 

If you spend your money in those three areas. You'll give your athlete every opportunity to reach the next level in their performance and you will see a far greater return on your time and financial commitment. 

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