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Lifting Weights Can Change a Young Person’s Life

Lifting weights can change a young person's life. Whether they're an athlete, or someone who is struggling with self image and confidence, exercising and lifting weights can transform their body and their mind. 

My name is Jeremy Gritton. And for the last 13 years, I've been helping young people get off the bench and into the game, whether it's an athlete reaching for their goals, or a young person who is struggling with confidence, regain that momentum, in the belief that they're capable of more

Recently, I had a parent say to me, I need help with my young person, they're struggling and  their confidence has gone down and I think they may even be depressed. They're playing too much too many video games, they're not exercising, they've lost all interest.

I respond by saying, let me put them in our system. Give us the chance to help them. After our 9-week program ended she shared with me. “It's like an entirely new person. And I said to her, so we just changed the trajectory of his life.” 

I was listening to a podcast, where my mentor (Todd Durkin) was interviewing a guy named Jake Stenfield. You might recognize the name “Body by Jake”. 

He told the story. He was 13 years old, he was really overweight and he had a stutter. His dad bought him a weight set but he refused to get on it. After looking in the mirror he decided to start working out because he saw his stomach hanging hanging over his belt and he’d recently been made fun of in school when called about to stand up and talk and he was made fun of. 

After a few months of working out he started to see results so he decided to go out for basketball. He got cut from that team. 

But he continued to lift weights because he knew there was something happening, he saw his body start to change. his confidence started to improve and he started to pursue things that normally he would have been afraid to do because he was so afraid. 

So I'm here to tell you exercising, lifting weights and seeing the results that come from that will change a young person's life, whether it's the athlete going after their goals, or the young person who's struggling with confidence and self image. 

If you have an athlete or young person in your life that you are worried about and you would like help coming up with a GamePlan claim a free strategy session with me where we will talk about three specific things that you can do as a parent, to help them get out of this rut and change their life. Visit

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