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The #1 Mistake Parents make, from that stands, that Prevent their athletes from earning more playing time.

Parents often come to me and say, I feel like my athletes getting overlooked by their coach. Well, I'm here to tell you, the reason they're not only more playing time, has nothing to do with them getting overlooked.

My name is Jeremy Gritton and for the last 13 years, I've had the privilege of helping hundreds of athletes get off the bench and into the game, where they earn more playing time, they have more fun then and they start to have more confidence and victories in their sport. 

Today, what I want to do is give you an insider tip, as a former college basketball coach and the son of a Hall of Fame Coach I'm going to give you three insider secrets that help your athlete get on the coaches radar and start to earn more playing time. 

My dad was always saying to me, “I'm looking for the next guy” I'm looking for the next person to contribute to the team could be the end of this year or maybe it's next year. His perhipheral vision (those on the outskirts of current contributors) was really good, and any coach is looking for those who could contribute NEXT. 

So I'm going to share with you three ways that you can help your athlete get on the coach's peripheral vision. 


#1 - Show up… if there's a team function, practice game, get together, make sure they're there. 

If you have an underdog athlete, who isn't the most gifted athlete, get them to everything. If they're not driving yet, and you're driving, get them their FIRST. Then teach them to stick around, teach them to help and be an asset to the coach even if they're not playing. 

Coaches notice this kind of stuff... They're always at practice. They're there early, they stick around, they help out. Showing up is a great step one. 


#2 - Coach talk.

Teach your athlete to communicate with their coach rather than you doing it. 

For example:  Instead of them going to the coach and saying,  I want more playing time. Why don't you play me as much? 

Teach them to say, “How can I help the team have more victories and success?The coach is going to respond to that a lot better than them saying “Why Aren't you playing me as much or if you as the parent come in and say it. 

So teach your athlete how to communicate with their coach. 


#3 - This one is for parents. Specifically, don't be a sideline screamer. 

Don't be yelling at Little Johnny or Susie play by play instructions, there's 10 people in the stands screaming, their teammates are screaming but the coach wants one voice. 

If your athlete is constantly looking up at you, wondering what to do and they don't know who to listen to. They're not gonna have as much fun. 

So be the type of parent that a coach is looking at, and says you know what, that parent is supportive. 

  • They always had their kid here on time. 
  • They don't let them miss stuff. 
  • They obviously are teaching them how to communicate and they're not screaming at their player during the game so that I can coach them. 


That is absolutely going to get your athlete on the coach's radar. 

It's hard to help an underdog athlete earn consistent playing time. It's not something that happens overnight. But if we can teach them, these life lessons we can also help them earn more playing time. 

Nothing is more frustrating than to see your athlete get upset and feel they are getting overlooked. So, if you would like a deeper dive into how to help your athlete get off the bench and into the game where they have more wins, fun and successes. 

Then I'm going to offer you a free strategy session with me. During that time, we will talk about your athletes goals and where they're at and you’ll be able to walk away with three very specific strategies that you can share with your athlete to help get them off the bench and into the game.

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