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This three step approach provides your athlete with a coach who can change the trajectory of their life

The power of a coach, the wrong coach can be totally destructive, taking away an athletes joy, and maybe even causing them to quit their sport. The right coach can have a life altering effect, they can even change their trajectory of their entire life. 

In one of our early morning workout sessions, I was having this conversation with some of the kids and they were sharing with me, some of the things former and even current coaches have said to them, things like, 

  1. ”you're the slowest person on this team” 
  2. ”you know what, you should consider playing another sport” 
  3. “you're never going to beat out these other athletes so be happy that you're even on the team” 


Things like that make my skin crawl. 

As a parent, sometimes we don't get to choose who their head coach is going to be. But we can choose who their support team will be. 

I believe that we want to take a three step approach 

#1 - Earn trust of each athlete by letting them know we truly care

#2 - Then we need to figure out how they respond, what type of coaching do they respond to. 

#3 -  Then at that point, we can challenge them, we can push them, we can be honest with them to chase their dreams to get better, to have a better work ethic. 

If you are looking for that type of coach, that type of environment. I would love to offer you one of our free strategy sessions where you and I can talk about the system that we use to help each athlete build their confidence through our workouts and our mindset training. Claim your spot by visiting

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