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Lifting Weights Can Change a Young Person’s Life

Lifting weights can change a young person's life. Whether they're an athlete, or someone who is struggling with self image and confidence, exercising and lifting weights can transform their body and their mind. 

My name is Jeremy Gritton. And for the last 13 years, I've been helping young people get off the bench and into the game, whether it's an athlete reaching for their goals, or a young person who is struggling with confidence, regain that momentum, in the belief that they're capable of more

Recently, I had a parent say to me, I need help with my young person, they're struggling and  their confidence has gone down and I think they may even be depressed. They're playing too much too many video games, they're not exercising, they've lost all interest.

I respond by saying, let me put them in our system. Give us the chance to help them. After our 9-week program ended she shared with me. “It's like an entirely new person. And I said to her, so we just changed the...

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This three step approach provides your athlete with a coach who can change the trajectory of their life

The power of a coach, the wrong coach can be totally destructive, taking away an athletes joy, and maybe even causing them to quit their sport. The right coach can have a life altering effect, they can even change their trajectory of their entire life. 

In one of our early morning workout sessions, I was having this conversation with some of the kids and they were sharing with me, some of the things former and even current coaches have said to them, things like, 

  1. ”you're the slowest person on this team” 
  2. ”you know what, you should consider playing another sport” 
  3. “you're never going to beat out these other athletes so be happy that you're even on the team” 


Things like that make my skin crawl. 

As a parent, sometimes we don't get to choose who their head coach is going to be. But we can choose who their support team will be. 

I believe that we want to take a three step approach 

#1 - Earn trust of...

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Six Steps to Help your Athlete Snap Out of Slumps Quicker and Become Mentally Unbreakable

If you have an athlete that you would like to see become more mentally resilient, where

they're able to snap out of slumps quicker, and compete against the highest levels of competition,  what I'm going to share with you today is going to be a game changer. 

It's something that we have shared with our GTS athletes for over 13 years, helping hundreds of them go from the bench, to starting line up from starting lineup to scholarships, and carry them far beyond into their life endeavors. 

It's called our strong acronym. 


S = show up. 

Nothing good happens. If an athlete doesn't go to practice or workouts and improve their skills? We always teach them that this is simple in principle, but it's not always simple to do. So show up. 


T = Be Tenacious. Don’t be easily pulled apart from your goals. 

We're talking about this in class the other day when one of the kids knew the answer but said  I don't really know what tenacious...

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The Top Three ways to Invest $ in your athlete training, to give them that competitive advantage

The top three ways to invest your money to give your athlete a competitive advantage. 

As a parent, it's hard to figure out where you need to invest your money to give your athlete a competitive advantage. 

You're spending money everywhere, the gear that they need for their sport. Getting them on the right travel team, those travel fees and entry fees, you're spending money everywhere. That’s why I want to share with you what I believe to be the top three areas in which you need to invest money to give them that advantage. 


#1 - What is the skill they need to develop for their sport.

If they need to work on their outside shooting, you need to get them with a basketball shot doctor who can help them improve range. If they are a baseball player and they do need to improve their swing get on with the right hitting coach. 


#2 - Invest in their strength program.

No longer today, is it good enough to just work on your sport. In today's crazy...

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Stop Spending all Your Money on your Athletes Sport Specific Training

It's time to stop spending all your money on your athletes sport specific training. If that's the only place you spend it, you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle for their development. 

My name is Jeremy Gritton. And for the last 13 years, I've been helping parents see a greater return on their investment both financially and time to help their athletes achieve their goals.

I get it. I'm a parent myself. And I know how much time and money you invest in their travel sports, their specific coaches that help them. What I'd like to share with you today are three reasons why the right strength training program will give you a greater return on investment will prevent your athlete from getting hurt, and will also help them achieve their goals.


#1 - The right strength program will develop more CONFIDENCE in your athlete. Their work in the gym, will pay off when they play their sport.

I want to tell you a quick story. So I was after my freshman year in high school, I was the...

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