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The top three tips to Avoid the wrong trainer for your athlete

These three tips will ensure that the strength training program for a young athlete is safe. 

#1 - Make sure whoever is training them is experienced with working with young athletes, because it’s very different than training adults. 

We don't ever want to send a young athlete who's not done much strength training in the past to some random gym workout or somebody who doesn't specialize in training youth. 


#2 - Make sure that they have a proper warm up.

We want to always ensure that they get the blood flowing, but we also want them to work on mobility, especially their hips. They do so much with their legs, so much lateral, then forward and back, stopping and plyometric movements where they're jumping, it’s crucial that their hips are always good and warm. 


#3 - Whoever  trains your athlete needs to be flexible and knowledgeable regarding in-season and out of season needs.

You want to ensure that the person working with them is...

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