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“4 Steps To Take an Underdog Athlete from Starter-2-Scholarship”


Finally, a step-by-step plan to an athlete physically and mentally prepared to earn that college scholarship FAST, even if they aren’t the most gifted or talented athlete…

How to Take your athlete from timid and scared to playing with Swagger   (Pay attention to Step #2).

The quickest, and easiest, way to the time commitment problem so your athlete can gain more strength and speed without overtraining.

My #1 astonishing strategy to create a competitive advantage  (go in the wrong order and risk injury and lack of playing time)

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“4 Steps To Take an Underdog Athlete from Starter-2-Scholarship”

Your Instructor

Jeremy Gritton has helped hundreds of athletes go to the next level in their sport and uncover their true potential both physically and mentally.

He tells everyone that he believes this is the calling on his life, being a light into the life of young people and providing a positive influence in helping dreams come true. 

While always having an eye on athletic performance he believes the secret sauce is tapping into the mental strength and resiliency to provide more confidence and translates into leadership abilities.