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"This Gameplan will Develop the Kind of Work Ethic, SKILLS and Confidence to Become a Better Athlete AND Leader"

You've invested time, money and a lot of support into your athlete. At this point you're probably feeling overwhelmed and you aren't sure how to best help.

This is where our system can take over.

During this no pressure consultation, you'll walk away with 3 Steps to help your athlete go from wanting to play more to being a STARTER and possibly moving a step closer to a college scholarship.  

Claim your 'Strategy Session' Call now because I will help you create a GAMEPLAN for your athlete to be tougher and more resilient AND create metal toughness to outlast their competition

Don't you agree it's time to see your investment of time and money translate into your athletes success where they start to reach their true potential?




Develop a concrete plan for Your Athletes Goals with our 3-Step Process

Step One - Starter FOUNDATION

  • How to set and clearly define their goal, then what they are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve it. We call it a DECLARATION so they are forced to live into that future person.
  • The development of work ethic and our 66-Day PaperClip Challenge where they commit to one thing they'll do everyday to to create a new sport specific habit.
  • Nutritional pillars to learn how to FUEL THE BODY properly

Step Two - Skill Stacking so they consistently see progress and develop better habits both with workouts and their sport specific training

  • Implementing of the 212 Method - where it's teaching them that it's is about getting a little better everyday
  • This step is also when we educate them on our Starter CONFIDENCE LOOP and how the thoughts they have lead to the BELIEFS they hold about what they are capable of.

Step Three - Starter Swagger

  • Map out how to Improve physically while developing mental toughness.
  • I'll also reveal my step-by-step process so you can  see how their hard work in the gym (and on their mindset) pays off when they play their sport.

Then, we can explore whether or not your investment into our coaching program is the right fit or not.


If you’ve been following me for awhile, or perhaps you're still on the fence about booking your call or fearful that this is just a way to get you on the phone to sell you something you don't really want… let me assure you...

There is never any pressure to buy anything on these calls. 

I’m here to help you get total clarity on what your athlete needs to focus on, steer you away from things to avoid and share our former athlete experiences... 

If we both feel our system can help your athlete get results, I might tell you more about our invite only Coaching Program.

Why don’t we invite everyone in?  

Because our coaching isn’t right for everyone.  I only want people who are motivated for big results.  

My vision is to make a HUGE impact in the world by coaching athletes who are ready for success.  

If the Action Steps and clarity you get on the call is all you need at this time, then I wish you success...  

But if you feel your athlete would benefit from a step-by-step system to follow (plus all the support they'll ever need), then we can discuss the available options.

Sound good?



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“Jeremy helped Brady gain more than 10lbs of muscle he also helped him become more athletic and increased his vertical over 3 inches”

Brady Burnett – College Basketball Player

“Coach Jeremy met with my daughter and listened to her goals. He developed a plan to help her physically obtain those goals, but the biggest gift was how he helped her plan MENTALLY to obtain those goals, from visualizing to writing them out and taping them to her mirror. He constantly encouraged her to put in the work and she learned she was able to achieve anything she set her mind out to do, for this I cannot thank him enough.” 

Claire Wilson

“Jeremy understood all the proper mental angles and physical training necessary. He has been one of the greatest influences in Cassidy’s life. Jeremy’s mindset will remain with Cassidy until her career is over in sports, but will carry over for her life.”

Cassidy Williams – Former Professional Athlete

“Thank you, Coach Jeremy, for not allowing me to give up on my dream of playing professional baseball”

Artemis Kadkhodaian – Former Professional Baseball Player (because our STRONG system works for all sports)

“Coach Jeremy was a strong mentor, trainer and leader for our son.  Jeremy helped him develop a mental attitude about wanting to work hard at getting better each day...our son added 12 pounds of muscle while maintaining the mechanics of his swing and has earned a scholarship to play baseball in college.  Coach Jeremy is an excellent developer of talent and leadership skills for young athletes."

Noah Preur

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Jeremy Gritton

Jeremy Gritton is a former collegiate basketball player and coach who’s 13+ years training athletes has made him a sought after trainer for all levels of athletes. 

Jeremy is a Certified Trainer and Mindset Performance Coach and that’s why he’s helped so many athletes go from hard working to either a STARTER or Earning College Scholarships. 

Imagine what level your athlete can reach with someone like this as a mentor.


Jeremy Gritton has inspired hundreds of Athletes to get Stronger (both mentally and physically).  Is your athlete next?

Every week that passes, your athlete could be losing more and more confidence and sliding further away from their dream. Why not help them develop the kind of Skills and Ethics that last a lifetime?

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